Craig Miller to Senator Nelson: “Stand with Business owners/job creators and against NLRB”

ORMOND BEACH – Businessman and Veteran Craig Miller, candidate for the District 6 Coastal Congressional District, today called for Senator Bill Nelson to support Senate Joint Resolution 36. This measure comes in response to a recently finalized regulation by the National Labor Relations Board to radically shorten the time between when a union petition is filed and when employees vote on it. The measure shrinks the time period for employers’ to educate their employees on union elections from, on average, 41 days to 15 days.

“We know that the National Labor Relations Board and recess appointees Richard Griffin and Sharon Block stand solidly with President Obama and his pro Union cronies and against business owners and job creators in this country,” stated Miller. “Senator Nelson has the chance to represent those that invest in America vs. those that are seeking to influence Union elections. I urge him to stand up for American businesses instead of the NLRB and their giveaways to Big Labor.

Senator Nelson send a message to people of Florida that you are focused on getting America back to work, lowering taxes, reducing our dependency on foreign oil and solving our disastrous housing crisis. Don’t make creating jobs more expensive and stop working on non-problems. Making it easier for Unions to organize is not even one the top 100 things the people of Florida want our government working on. They want job opportunities, they want lower gas prices, they want to know that we are working to get our financial house in order; they want to feel secure in their house and a future for their children.”

Craig Miller began his restaurant career in the dish room as a teenager and rose to become a successful businessman, creating over 40,000 jobs at several well-known restaurant chains like Red Lobster, Pizzeria Uno, and Ruth’s Chris Steak House. He served as Chairman of the National Restaurant Association and was named Operator of the Year in 2007 by Nation’s Restaurant News. Miller is a veteran of the United States Air Force, having volunteered to serve in Vietnam in 1969. He is the father of three, a proud grandfather and resides in Ormond Beach with his wife, Susan.