4 Foods to Throw Out Of Your Fridge

Everyone always tells you what you should buy when hanging around in the super market, but no one gets around to tell you what you should stay away from. Here I’m going to let you in on some disgusting foods that you need to either completely throw out or never buy again if you want to be healthy and stay healthy. Remember it all starts with the first.


1) Butter – Butter is full of saturated fats and is loaded with fatty calories. It will also cause your cholesterol to increase dramatically. You can always choose a lighter version with fewer calories. I just use the butter that squirts if I even use it.

2) Super Fatty Meats – These meats have a lot of calories and trans fat. The thing about it is that you can literally see the fat in it. Any light parts that look like spots on the red meats or any meats.Try eating meats that are more leaner, such as chicken or fish. Also, try some extra lean turkey breast. If you are going to get beef, get lean beef.

3) Soda and Artificial Juices – Try not to drink or at least limit your consumption of soda pops or fruit juices, better yet just try to cut them all out completely because they contain a lot of sugar in them. They also have a lot of empty calories, which will just keep the fat and pile on some more. I am known for thinking lots of water, you should be too.

4) All Frozen Foods (heat up and go) – Try not to be eating a lot of frozen dinners, such as frozen pizzas etc. These foods are very much processed, full of preservatives and unhealthy fats.